What To Write In A Greetings Card – Creative Inspiration For All Occasions
Greetings cards have long been a part of popular culture and still continue to play a significant role in everyday lives around the world.  Even in today’s digital age, there’s something wholesome about craving hand written sentiments and meaningful exchanges through carefully chosen words and visuals. 

With so much choice available to us, it can easily become a little overwhelming when searching for the ‘perfect’ card.  Seemingly every (and any) occasion is catered for, yet the meaning can easily become lost in overused, generic designs and messages -  often with little thought and care behind them.


Creating Moments to Treasure

At Type and Story, the art of crafting meaningful greetings cards is one we hold dear to our hearts.  Our purposeful paper products are created with love and intention in our small London based design studio, featuring designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia and spirituality. 

The ethos behind our brand is deep rooted in helping people to tell stories and express feelings through meaningful exchanges. Expressing emotions is not an easy task for everyone, but with the help of thoughtful designs, the hope is that everyone can share their innermost sentiments through the brands collection of ‘stories’. These are the very things that stay with us and become cherished keepsakes for years to come. 

Taking inspiration from the universe around us, It’s no surprise that our love for the planet runs deep.  We focus on sustainably sourced materials and small batch print runs, enabling us to minimse our impact. The hand finished elements and planet friendly production processes are kinder to the environment too.

Finding the appropriate message or the right words to say is not always easy, particularly when we want to convey messages of support when someone is experiencing grief or going through a particularly difficult time. 

Our greetings cards for all occasions provide a window into a different way of communicating and connecting ourselves to others. From weddings to funerals, family birthdays, religious occasions and gestures of love. Read on for a little creative inspiration that will ensure every card you send conveys a personal, heartfelt sentiment, perfectly capturing the moment. 


Birthday Card Greetings

Birthdays are occasions for joy and happiness. Afterall, it’s the one day a year where you are celebrated by all those who love you. 

Take a look at these stunning birthday card designs, perfect for letting a special someone know you are thinking of them. 

Birthday Wisdom - Type and Story is a firm favourite. Capture the essence of their wisdom honouring the invaluable insights and experiences.

Soul Sister Birthday Card – Type and Story

Not all sisters are blood related. Featuring a striking crescent moon, embellished with hand foiled detailing and stunning illustrative elements,  this spiritual birthday card is one for the sisterhood - evoking a sense of deep connection to the universe and to one another. 

One of a Kind Birthday Card – Type and Story

Celebrate individuality with this dreamy card design, taking its inspiration from the beauty in nature and our connection to it.

Beautiful Soul - Birthday Card – Type and Story


This spiritual stunner alludes to the mysticism and luck that birthdays can bring, carrying a deep meaningful message of hope and love. 

Tailor the message inside the card with a personalised touch that relates to the overall sentiment too. How about these for starters:

“To a treasured friend, today and always”

“ You are such a beautiful soul – Happy Birthday”

Have a browse at the full range of stunning, bespoke birthday cards from Type and Story. 

Milestone Birthdays

It’s important to be mindful that birthdays, particularly those milestone occasions, can stir up strong feelings and emotions that cause us to reflect back on our lives. Like a mirror to the past, a life event can often force us to look back at what we have achieved and ask ourselves “are we where we thought we would be or wanted to be”. This makes choosing the right card all the more important.  Our collection of stunning milestone cards are crafted with care and sensitivity,  featuring stunning hand illustrated designs and luxury touches that convey a thoughtful greeting to the recipient, no matter what stage in life they are at. 

Shop our magical Milestone Birthday Collection. 

If a Milestone card doesn’t quite fit the bill, then how about this stunning ‘Momentous Birthday’ Card – perfect for any age or gender. With its stunning cosmic landscape design, adorned with mystic treasures, it’s a lovely reminder that birthdays are sacred rituals to be celebrated. 

Of course, what you write inside matters too. Here are some meaningful messages you may want to use or adapt to express your well wishes and thoughts. 

“Today is all about you”

“Happy Birthday – Let’ celebrate”

“ Hope your day is as wonderful as you are”

“If anyone deserves to be celebrated today, it’s you”

“Wishing you the happiest of birthday’s – let’s celebrate”

“Happy Birthday to wonderful you”

“No matter how many years go by, I will always be your biggest supporter” 

Family Birthdays 

From treasured family members to those who feel like family, our versatile greetings cards are intended to let siblings, parents and extended loves ones know just how much they mean to us. 


First Class Mum and First Class Dad Cards - Type and Story 

Magnificent Mum - Type and Story 

Magnificent Dad - Type and Story 


Mirror Mirror Mum 


Here’s some suggestions for hand written messages that may inspire you to get creative:

“You are the best Mum/Dad anyone could wish for”

“ Thank you for always being there for me – today is all about you”

“Mum/Dad I will always be thankful for you – let’s celebrate” 

“Siblings are forever friends – I’m so thankful for you”

“ You may be my brother/sister – but you’re my best friend too”

“Happy Birthday Sister/Brother – thanks for inspiring me every day”

“Happy Birthday sister/brother – life is better because I have you” 

Sympathy Greetings 

It’s just as important to let loved ones know you are thinking of them in bad times as well as good. Of all the cards to send, a sympathy card may just be the most difficult of all. Our sympathy cards are created with compassion and authenticity, artfully crafted with soulful designs and well thought out messaging that shine a light in times of darkness. 

The Universe has your Back – Drawing on the power of the cosmos, this lunar themed card is designed to give a sense of perspective through scale and landscape and how this relates to the Earth and it’s magical forces.  

Always in my thoughts – the sensitive sentiment behind this thoughtful card  is complimented by a vista of rolling lavender fields, conveying a sense of calm and tranquillity, ideal to show support to someone who really needs it. 

It can be extremely difficult to know what to say to someone during times of grief and sadness. Reaching out to show you care can lift people in times of sorrow. Which is why sending the right card is hugely important. 

We’ve compiled some word inspo for heartfelt messages you may wish to include inside the card too: 

“You are in my thoughts always”

“ Always here for you”

“Thinking of you now and always”

“Holding you close in my heart”

“Sending love to you in tough times”

Browse the full collection of sympathy cards, to show your support to those in need. 

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We hope this little read has inspired you to express thoughtful sentiments through our intentional designs, typography and storytelling. 

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April 23, 2024 — Niccy Iseman