Branding for a small business

Carli Mawer from Carli Mawer Designs approached Type and Story to design some bespoke branding for Carli's freelance business which celebrated her artistic profession and personable character. Focussing on personality as the heart of the business, Niccy created a logo mark with curves, flicks and roundness that conveys warmth and elegance. The outcome of combining different typefaces which represent different periods in typographic history and purpose showcases the multifcitated approach to Carli's work which sets her apart as a designer. Furthermore Type and Story created a bespoke magnesium plate Carli's logo so that we can hand foil the business cards to illustrate the crafted and premium nature to her business.

The bespoke visuals included a logo, promotional cards, business cards, and business stationery. 

October 16, 2020 — Niccy Iseman