Copper and Cloves

Copper and Cloves is a food resource, celebrating healthy, nourishing and delicious food in India. Type and Story was tasked to create the visual identity for Copper and Cloves, for the extraordinary wellbeing couch, menu consultant and recipe designer, Sarah Edwards.

To create the right branding for Copper and Cloves, we needed an inclusive identity which was inspiring, balanced and unisex. An identity which truly encapsulates and reflects modern India with an openness that strips away any embellishments, styles or connotations of how India is perceived to be. Type and Story approached this through careful placement and typography, through our understanding of balance and its relationship with space and context. Accompanied by a muted colour palette and accents of de-bossed type on recycled paper, we have created a minimalist contemporary set of visuals. 

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June 25, 2020 — Niccy Iseman