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Niccy our designer says; “Keepsakes  is very much inspired by cherished trinkets and relics you might discover in granny’s attic. I love the nostalgic sentiment of the designs, which perfectly encapsulate all those treasured memories and keepsakes that keep us closely connected to the past”. 

Drawing on fondly remembered collectibles, expect to see stunning illustrations of ornate glass objects, decorative picture frames and decorative treasures, embellished with delicate hand drawn antique roses, deep red love hearts, romantic lace, ribbons and all the trimmings.

Keepsakes’,  is a real love story to those joyful, nostalgic memories from the past.

Cards for every occasion feature, from birthdays, family members, anniversaries, wedding celebrations, Valentine’s and general declarations of love, as well as generic designs that can be individually personalised.


New for AW’24, the Precious collection, is a dazzling range of 15 Greeting Card designs. 

With a renewed colour palette for Spring, this collection encapsulates what it's like to look forward whilst reclaiming our sacred past, honouring both the old and the new. We celebrate the ideas of hidden treasure found in vintage jewels, and symbols and objects found in ancient mythology. Whether you’re looking for a card to celebrate your soul sister’s birthday, or to celebrate your magnificent dad for Fathers’ Day, these shimmering cards will no doubt impress your loved ones. Finished with an arch-shaped die cut and / or a circular motif to echo the cycles of life, we hope you enjoy the fresh start of our design direction for 2023.


‘Scenes’ offers a renewed perspective of how we picture our home, celebrating the beauty found within the backdrop of our every day. The interior landscape humbly reminds us of the joy gained from the  every day setting that offers us moments of calm and delight.


Our SS21 Collection 'Wild-Life' celebrates our natural world and its wisdom. The beauty of its thriving energy is a reminder of nature’s magnificent power and the urgent need to preserve it. Together, let’s not forget its brilliance and let’s celebrate life. 


Ethereal is a natural progression from our Planet Earth Story focussing on larger type and a more illustrative stance, Ethereal celebrates the enchanting magic of the skies down to the seas and all the mysticism that lies in between.  


This story celebrates our awe-inspiring and beautiful Planet Earth, in its magical, spiritual and golden glory. Inspired by the natural, the kind, and a mystical feeling of faith found in love and friendships. Available across 22 new cards, all hand foiled with a second hand hot foil press. This collection has taken a more illustrative style of hand drawn and geometric shapes to explore our story and we hope you like the new direction.


Our Balance collection of notebooks was inspired by the theme of 'balance'.  Balancing our work, physical and social lifestyles, and what this means in today's world. With the ultimate goal to find unity within ourselves, we hope our products show themes of polarity, rhythm and connectivity, acting as a reminder to tune into ourselves. We encourage you to slow down. To take notice of yourself writing. To recognise your thoughts and align this with physical movement. Does everything feel slower? Does it feel more powerful?

Our new collection of greetings cards proudly shows themes of balance through composition and type, but sits as a development within our sign-painting collection. We encourage you to celebrate and align what is important to you, by offering a purposeful, curated collection of gifting solutions that mark with everyday occasions and special moments worth honouring.